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Get DoubleClick Search Training to Optimize Ad Spend

DoubleClick Training, also known as DoubleCLick Search offers a search management platform that enables the marketers and agencies in managing few of the recent search marketing campaigns being initiated in the world. The search management strategy can be implemented across a number of media channels and multiple search engines.

The powerful and effective features with the blend of rationalized workflow of the program help the buyers to run campaigns in an efficient manner. Strategic bid optimization process results in improvement of specified campaign performance. DoubleClick Bid Manager Training is also provided to help aspirants grab the core of bid management.

DoubleClick Digital Marketing program offers tracking and managing the digital campaigns across the world via a single platform. The program enables rich, multiple-channel purchase, reporting as well as attribution experience. Integrated techniques are delivered via qualified experts using practical terminologies and experiences.

Bid Strategies

Implementation of DoubleClick Bid Strategies

DoubleClick Training center aims at delivering knowledge about the strategies that can be used to set the bids for various keywords. If you are running short of time and find it difficult to set bids manually for the keywords in the search program then they can automatically be adjusted. This removes the complications and intricacies from keyword bidding process; you can detect the rank and position of your ads on the search engines. DoubleClick Search uses the specified set of rules and guidelines while setting the keyword bids.

Bid Adjustment

Adwords Account & Bid Adjustment

The keywords, ad groups, campaigns and other biddable items are considered in the bid strategy. The focus of the bid strategies are laid on maximizing portfolio performances as a whole. The bid strategies are defined thoroughly at the DoubleClick training institute providing a real time atmosphere. Best results can be achieved by creating portfolios in the same business arena with similar business goals, similar margins, historical performances and profits. Advanced and updated knowledge is offered through superlative techniques and technologies.

DoubleClick Campaign

DoubleClick Campaign Fundamentals

The key concepts covered under DoubleClick training course are

  • Guidelines to the Ad trafficking instructions
  • Basics of Ad serving and Reporting
  • Strategies to manage, create and place ads appropriately
  • Structure, organization and management of accounts
  • Integration of DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • Tips & practices for trafficking DoubleClick Rich Media

DoubleClick Campaign Manager Training incorporates competitive knowledge and skills required for a successful career in the respective arena.

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