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Search Engine Optimization is the procedure to influence the visibility and productivity of a website through implementing latest SEO trends and techniques. To make a website appear on higher ranking is the main task of an SEO Executive. Higher the ranking, more the visibility and higher will be the productivity from a particular website.

In this technology savvy era, when everything goes online, it is important to make websites eligible to stand on top among the rest for elevated outputs and to accelerate sales process. Our SEO training course in delhi designed to deliver latest and advance SEO techniques and measures through modern and updated technologies.

How to check penalty on site. Panda/Penguin recovery techniques.

The various techniques are available to check if the website is of high quality and deserves higher ranking on search engine’s results list such as:

  • By checking the density of Google keywords.
  • Checking for content plagiarism or duplicity.
  • Through Webmaster tools provided by Google

What are latest SEO practices in 2014?

SeTrends : SEO Training Institute In Delhi all about implementing new ideas and measures to keep the website appearance on the top of graph. The latest SEO practices include:

  • Ensuring unique and original content.
  • Promotion through social media.
  • Sharing contents on Twitter, Google Plus etc.
  • Optimizing web page via tags, URL, images, etc.
  • Description being short and precise.

Is link building dead?

Link building is often considered as strong technique to promote any website if done in an appropriate manner. It is about building up back-links on other related websites. Our seo training course in delhi explore the right way of implementing this method could help deriving enough traffic to the website.

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